The van isn’t just a vehicle – it’s a movement.

The Man Van is a docu web series about Los Angeles writer-director Greg McDonald trying to get his web series about a man with a van off the ground. He’s all ready to start, the only trouble is he doesn’t have any money, actors, crew, locations or finished scripts.

The series documents his efforts with behind the scenes episodes of all things The Man Van related: auditions, writing sessions, finding crew, Hollywood nut jobs being drawn to the van like hustlers to a mark, an overbearing mom who tries to get him dates, getting rejected from friends, family and foe alike who would rather see him get a job as a DMV clerk, dudes in the van, chicks in the van, chicks fleeing from the van and more.  If he ever gets his shit together, the scripted episodes will begin.

Don’t miss an episode! It’s been described as one of the funniest web series around by paid spokespeople.

Subscribe to our youtube channel and check out the behind the scenes episodes.

To learn more about the van, take a mental tour with Greg below.



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